Southern Md Septic Systems

What is a Nitrogen Reducing B.A.T. Tank Septic System?

As of 2014, the Maryland State Government is requiring all new septic systems installed in the state to be friendly to the Chesapeak Bay. What this means is a 3 chambered "active septic tanks, verses the older 2 chambered "passive" septic tank. The benefit of the third active chamber, are active pumps and systems designed to reduce the nitrogen levels in the water runoff that eventually makes it way to the chesapeake bay. You see, the nitrogen levels of the typical septic system feed and "supercharge" algae growth. The algae, when alive, blocks sunlight essential to underwater bay grasses, which produce oxygen for life in the bay. Whats worse, is that when the algae die, they are decomposed in a process that further depletes the oxygen level in the water, which all our local aquatic animals, including crabs and fish, need to survive.